Over 20 Years Resolving Disputes in New Hampshire

Tuttle v. N.H. Med. Malpractice Joint Underwriting Assoc.

159 NH 627 (2010)

Statute requiring JUA to transfer $110 million to State’s general fund violated due process and impairment of contract clauses of N.H. Constitution. Affirmed.

Everitt v. General Electric Co.

159 NH 232. (2009)

Existence of internal policy setting forth procedures to deal with an impaired employee does not, standing alone, create duty of care to public. Affirmed.

In the Matter of the Liquidation of Home Ins.

154 NH 472 (2006)

Decided that: 1) liquidator had statutory authority to enter into agreement with insureds and reinsureds of Home under which these entities would receive payments in exchange for filing reinsurance claims against Home; 2) the agreement was necessary to maximize recovery of Home’s assets; and 3) the agreement was fair and reasonable. Affirmed.

Behrens v. S.P. Construction Co.

153 NH 498 (2006)

Parties’ contract was unenforceable and specific performance denied because there had been no “meeting of the minds”. Affirmed.

Swain v. Employers Mutual Casualty Co.

150 NH 574. (2004)

Statute did not require employer to provide uninsured motorist coverage for non-owned vehicles to the same extent as it provides liability coverage. Affirmed.